San Marzano 62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria

In Southern Italy's Apulia region, within the province of Taranto sits the beautiful city of Manduria. Although the area includes majestic ancient castles as well as eighth and 9th century architectural masterpieces, wine connoisseurs come far and wide to enjoy what once was one of Italy's best kept secrets - Primitivo Di Manduria.

62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria
This world renowned 2010 San Marzano vintage includes distinctive characteristics, old-world Apulia cultivation, contemporary processes and highly experienced fermenters, which come together to produce an award winning red wine. This wine was previously known as Pazzia Primitivo and has recentl been rebranded with the new name and look in 2014.

San Marzano wines are produced from a co-operative of over 1000 local growers in Puglia.

Each Apulia grape of this exquisite vintage was thoroughly handpicked and inspected for fermentation. The 62 Anniversario Primitivo ages in specially selected French crafted oak barriques over a 12-month fermentation period, giving it a hint of rustic spice flavor and further deepening the rich ruby red colour and velvety texture. Following the local food and Primitivo Di Manduria combinations of the region dictates each will complement the other i.e. pasta, stew dishes. This particular vintage with 100% Apulia grapes and complex flavors makes a perfect dish preparation ingredient. Infusing just the right hints of fruit, cocoa, and earthy spice, the 2010 San Marzano vintage of this Primitivo makes the perfect robust palate accompaniment with big game dishes such as bear, deer or elk.

The Primitivo Single Variety Grape Distinction
Perfectly positioned between the Ionian and Adriatic Sea sits a cultivated parcel of land, which produces flourishing grapevines, carefully nurtured to perfection.
The steady warm climate and mild sea breezes, nutrient-rich red soil and abundant sunshine unique only to this region produce the prize-winning single variety Apulia grapes. The soil is high in potassium and iron while also very deep, creating high-yielding vineyards resistant to drought, which flourish in the extremely hot climate temperatures of the region. The nutrients within the Apulia soil creates this vintage's characteristic earthy flavor.

Considered one of the oldest and most prestigious of wine traditions, Primitivo Di Manduria boasts an impressive and lengthy Apulia vintner history dating back to the initial settlement of the Italian Peninsula. These exceptionally skilled fermentation and vintner techniques have painstakingly passed from one generation to the next, producing a rich dark-skinned grape bursting with rustic deep flavor.
This superb red wine offers a perfect balance of components while providing a full-bodied aroma that stimulates the taste sensations.

More imformation is available at the main San Marzano website