62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria

The roots of the 62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria wine reach back to 1962 when 19 grape growers from San Marzano wines decided to start the Cantine San Marzano in Puglia, Italy on land previously farmed by family for generations. That effort has grown into a valley with more than 1,200 vine growers, but the San Marzano Cantine will always be the first. From the neat rows of Primitivo grapes has emerged the ruby red wine that is unique in flavor and aroma and represents one of the best wines that traditional wine-making practices and very modern technology can produce.

First Impressions Count

The first impression of the wine is formed just by looking at the distinctive black wine bottle with white graphics that promises elegance and serious intent at the same time. The wine attributes include:
Deep ruby red color with purple hues

Velvety texture

Finishing with a light touch of sweetness

Complex bouquet

Slightly present tannins

Second Impressions

Now open the wine bottle to begin a truly enjoyable experience. The second impression is that of a cherry and prune aroma and growing awareness the wine holds many more delights. With the sight and smell senses already satisfied, the 62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria still has more to offer.

Pour a glass, take a sip and enjoy:
The stronger cherry and prune aroma with a hint of tobacco

A fruity flavor with a hint of spices

Berries that slightly dominate over stone fruit

Notes of cocoa, coffee and vanilla at the end

A slightly sweet flavor on the palate

Medium to long finish depending on the year

The wine is made from only the Primitivo grapes grown at the Cantine San Marzano. The full-bodied wine is rich and soft with fine tannins. The Primitivo grape is dark-skinned, naturally sweet and produces tannic wines that are inky in color. Combined with the skill of winemakers, the 62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria wine became an award winner. The 2010 vintage is ranked in the top 10 of wines, earning several Gold awards in the Puglia, Italy wine region.

Enjoy Alone or Together

The wine pairs well with pasta dishes, red meat and game dishes. Do not hesitate to choose how and when to enjoy a glass of this fine wine. The 62 Anniversario Primitivo Di Manduria is a wine to enjoy whether alone on the patio watching the sunset, celebrating with friends and family, or enjoying a romantic evening. It is that marvelous.