Berton Vineyard has a goal of combining its excellent wine making techniques with modern technology to produce unique and high quality wines to please individual palates and appeal to wine enthusiasts all over the world.

The Berton Vineyard History

Established in May 1996 by Bob and Cherie Berton in Eden Valley, South Australia, on 75 acres of land, on rolling hills at 450m above sea level, the superb Reserve Chardonnay and Reserve Barossa Shiraz wines are still sourced from there. In 2007, Bob purchased the state-of-the-art Yenda winery in Riverina. That facility has the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of value-for-money wines as well as premium single vineyard ones. Sone of the outstanding value for money range include the Opal Ridge Semillon Chardonnay and the Opal Ridge Shiraz Cabernet. These two wines punch well above their weight in terms of price, value and taste.

Berton Metal Label Vermentino 2013

The 2012 vintage debuted and won a trophy for BEST YOUNG DRY WHITE at the 2012 Citibank NSW wine awards. The 2013 vintage also won a trophy and Gold. Berton Vineyard has thus become one of the biggest wine success stories in Australia. Its fruit profile is between Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling and is crisp, fresh and lively. Planted in the premium vineyard and well suited to the warm wine regions of Australia, this Vermentino is pale lemon with silver hues. Tropical fruits combined with hints of citrus and pear please the palate and create a wine that is rich with a crisp acidity and deep flavor. As for food pairing, the Metal Label Vermentino goes perfectly with light seafood dishes such as tempura prawns.

The Black Shiraz 2012

The Black Shiraz from Berton Vineyard is one of the most recognized and represented wines in the United Kingdom restaurant market and yet is available to everyone for a very reasonable price. Its unique pewter label distinguishes it by sight and indicates what the fabulous contents will bring. This magnificent wine balances 14 percent alcohol with soft and spicy black currant fruit that gives the wine its deep purple-black color. The grapes were sourced from Southeast Australian premium areas with only the darkest and most flavorful fruit selected. The Black Shiraz goes well with peppery dishes such as full flavored game casseroles, Steak Au Poivre, Shami Kebab, beef sausages, Szechuan beef, Chili con Carne, Teriyaki dishes and strong cheeses.

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