Berton Vineyards best selling wines review

Berton Vineyards is a relatively young vineyard that combines the innovations of advanced, modern technology and time-held traditions in order to produce a selection of quality wines. In 1996, Cherie and Bob Berton recognized a slice of heaven in South Australia's Eden Valley, a location that still produces the Reserve Chardonnay wines and Reserve Shiraz that remain extremely popular to this day. The Bertons went on to expand their business in 2007 by acquiring the Yenda Winery located in Riverina where it is possible to produce fine wines in mass quantities at an affordable price for customers. The variety and flavor is sure to bring wine enthusiasts back for more time and again for a sampling that is sure to tempt the palate. A selection of Berton Vineyards wines is included below.

The White Viognier Metal Label
When it comes to peachy white wine that is rich in flavor, the White Viognier provides a creamy experience that is smooth going down. Drawn from grapes that were harvested in the cool of the night and fermented at only 13 degrees in tanks of stainless steel, it provides an excellent accompaniment to a casual meal. The White Viognier complements pasta dishes with a creamy sauce and fish. It is an excellent indulgence for that evening night cap or for a relaxing afternoon.

The Black Shiraz metal Label
While the Berton Vineyards is respected in the wine making community for many of its fine wines, the Black Shiraz takes the prize. It is highly coveted in restaurants throughout the British Isles with good reason. It is the perfect blend of fruit and alcohol, combining the black currant flavor with 14% alcohol content, and it is very easy going down. It has a strong, fruity flavor that makes this wine perfect with spicy and exotic foods. One is sure to enjoy a glass during a meal or simply to pass the hours away.

Berton Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay
A delectable blend of peach, oak, vanilla, and mocha come together in the Reserve Chardonnay, providing enthusiasts with a slightly chilled treat that tempts the tongue. Harvested at night, fermented in cool conditions at 13 degrees in a combination of steel and oak barrels, this wine is a wonderful addition when a creamy pasta dish is placed on the table. It goes well with chicken, enhancing the flavor of the meal, providing diners with a rich and unforgettable experience thanks to the skilled expertise of Berton Vineyards.