Bishops Leap Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The Bishops Leap, Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is produced by the famous Saint Clair Family Estate. They were ranked 29th in the World's Best 100 Wineries in 2012 by the World Association Wine and Spirit Writers and Journalists. Along with that award, they were named New World Wine Producer of the Year in 2012 by Sommelier Wine Awards. The Marlborough Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc was introduced in 2009 and has won many awards in the years since its introduction. It's served in many restaurants throughout the world including restaurants in London.

Saint Clair Estate was established in 1994 by Neal and Judy Ibbotson who were considered pioneers in Marlborough wine. They chose their six vineyard locations based on the soil and the vineyards ability to produce quality grapes for their wines. The soil is deep draining and the fruit is harvested at night for premium flavor and riper grapes.

The team that helps produce the wine from grape harvesting to production is led by a famous team of winemakers; Hamish Clark and Matt Thomson. They are well-known in New Zealand for their viticultural experience and knowledge.

After harvesting, the grapes are pressed with almost no human contact in the winery itself. The juice from the grapes is put through a cool fermentation process in stainless steel containers to help keep the freshness of the grapes as well as the tangy zing that is synonymous with the Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc.

The New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Bishop's Leap is an intense white wine with a crisp flavor. There's an underlying hint of gooseberry and herbal tones along with the aroma of passion fruit and blackcurrant. While being acidic, it's a balanced flavor that has a lingering finish. The grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc are harvested from the Wairau and Awatere Valleys, which accounts for the fruity and acidic flavors as well as the citrus aromas. The grapes from both vineyards are blended to create the stunning notes of flavor and the aromas that have brought the Bishop's Leap its many awards over the years.

The wines from New Zealand tend to be sweeter than those from places like the Loire Valley. For this reason, the Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is well paired with shellfish and rich seafood like salmon and tuna. It's also terrific when paired with vegetarian dishes. The flavoring is considered a tangy, summer-inspired wine and can be paired with various goat and sheep cheeses too.