Bob Berton Wines Vineyard History

Anyone interested in buying Bob Berton wines wants to know the history of the Berton Vineyard located in the small town of Yenda that is located in the Barossa Valley in Australia. Bob and Cherie acquired land in 1996 to begin growing fruit in this dry region. The first few years of growing fruit were difficult with vines growing slowly, leading to friends calling the vines bonsai. As time progressed, Berton Vineyard began to create unusual wines with unique flavors. To remain independent while developing delicious beverages, the Bertons chose to own a winery where they could control the distillation and bottling of their wines.

Nearby Winery

Fortunately, Bob and Cherie were able to purchase a nearby winery that has been in business since 1945. Due to the nearby location of the winery, fruit is stored and processed quickly, leading to fresh flavors of wine. The earmark of an excellent vineyard and winery is creating beverages that are sought after by fine restaurants. Bob Berton wines were first marketed for purchase by restaurants in Australia before being shipped all over the world. As the Berton Vineyard began to grow more fruit while establishing its winery, the availability of wine has increased, allowing private individuals to buy a variety of flavors and vintages.

Interesting Vintages

Because Bob Berton's wines are made from grapes grown in dry regions, the berries tend to be small with thick skin and large seeds, instead of the larger fruits used in many wines. The quality of this vineyard's wines has led to its popularity with connoisseurs who are always seeking new products to pair with particular foods and meals. Using smaller fruit grown in arid conditions has led to interesting vintages of wine such as:

The Black Shiraz

The Metal Label White Viognier

The Metal Label Vermentino

Foundstone Merlot

Foundstone Pinot Grigio

Foundstone Unoaked Chardonnay

Intense Flavours

The Black Shiraz is considered the most popular wine made by Berton Vineyard. This is a red wine with a darker hue that is often paired with meals that contain beef and rich sauces. Alternatively, the White Viognier offers a peach and vanilla scented aroma along with a strong flavor of spices, honey and lemons. This wine provides a perfect combination with lighter meals such as baked chicken or fish. Berton Vineyard creates and markets a wide assortment of wines, including Foundstone Unoaked that has an unusual light yellow with green undertone color. Connoisseurs love this beverage's citrus grapefruit with lime flavor that makes it suitable to serve with desserts.

Complete Selection

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