Boundary Line Shiraz

A wine named Boundary Line Shiraz can only hold great promise of exceeding the boundaries of Australian wines. The deep ruby-red color is the result of using Shiraz grapes grown in the Eden Valley hills by Berton Vineyards. The dark-skinned grape is able to ripen for a longer period of time because of the cool and wet climate of the gently rolling hills of High Eden in Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Taste and Aroma Work in Tandem

The intense bouquet of Boundary Line Shiraz matches the intense color. The aroma of black currants and ripe cherries is punctuated with notes of vanilla, white pepper and gentle spices. It is a hint of what is to come in the way of taste.

The intense ruby-colored wine is aged in oak barrels and has very soft tannins, much to the surprise of many red wine lovers. The taste matches the aroma. It is a well-balanced taste of currants and cherries that are enhanced with fresh spices and herbs.

Anything Goes

Boundary Line Shiraz is also notable because its aroma and taste make it adaptable to a large variety of foods. The wine can be paired with:
Meat, including roasted beef, barbecue, veal and spiced venison
Stuffed peppers
Soups, like lentil soup with smoked ham
Spicy oriental and Asian cuisine
Italian cuisine
Hard cheeses

Reviewers consistently point out that this red wine works well with most spicy foods, including pizza and chili. As a companion drink to so many foods, the wine can be an accompaniment during a night for two, an evening under the stars, a laughter-filled dinner with a group of friends or a quiet evening alone with a good book. It is a good choice to warm the body on a cold winter’s night or to celebrate the tastes of summer.

Persistent Enjoyment

Not too many wines are as versatile as the Boundary Line Shiraz. Each sip of wine is to be savored, even after swallowed. It has a persistent finish, leaving a textural sensation that is savory and rich. The lasting impression on the palate is a sign of good quality. This popular wine is produced by Berton Vineyards, a contemporary winery that blends traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology. The winery places emphasis on friendliness, so it is not surprising it produced a wine that is appropriate for so many occasions and year round. It is persistent enjoyment in a wine bottle.