Broken Shackle Classic Red

Finding the perfect red wine to pair with your meals or simply to enjoy on its own is rarely a simple and easy feat to accomplish. While there are countless options available for you to consider and new varieties released regularly each year to add to your options, the Broken Shackle Classic Red is a wine that is worth your special attention as you make your selection. With a closer look at what this red wine offers to you, you may be ready to order a bottle to enjoy in your home or to share with friends and family.

The Fascinating Flavors of This Red Wine
The Broken Shackle Red Wine is robust and full in flavor, and it is most commonly paired with a lamb dish or enjoyed alone. It also can work well with a Mediterranean dish due to its unique texture and flavor. Instantly, you will notice that this red wine has a weighty finish with a smooth yet mildly smoky experience. It will delight your palette with its blend of pepper spice, bramble fruit and liquorice. Made in south eastern Australia, it also has hints of spicy oak influences and specially dried herbs.

A Word about the Vineyard
The Broken Shackle Classic is just one of several varieties that are produced at the Berton vineyards each year. This vineyard was established in Eden Valley in 1996, and it expanded to take over the Yenda winery in 2007. This and other wines are produced in what is known as the Riverina wine country, and this growing region is well-known for being ideal for growing some of the Barbera and Shiraz grapes that this wine is made from. The Broken Shackle Classic Red is made by esteemed wine makers James Ceccato and Tim Perrin. The blend varies from vintage to vintage depending on what is the best fruit for that year and the style that can be achieved. When this wine was first released it was a 5 grape blend! In more recent vintages it has been created with Shiraz and Merlot giving it a softer spicy element whilst retaining it's fabulous value.

While there are numerous red wines that you could choose from when selecting a new one to try out, you may find that this is the perfect choice for you. While it incorporates all of the flavors and the textured weight that you desire in a red wine, it also has the unique personality that wine from this region in southeastern Australia is known for. More than that, it has a rather affordable price. You could try the Broken Shackle today by ordering a bottle, or you can order a full case to keep a few bottles on hand to enjoy later.