Chateau Ksara Wines from Lebanon

Wines produced in different areas of the world often have varying flavors and qualities due to environmental factors, such as weather and soil conditions. When you are looking for a great wine from the Middle East to enjoy on your own or with friends, you may consider one of the many Chateau Ksara wines. These wines are exported to countries around the world, but you can easily order your first bottle from Chateau Ksara through

A Word about the Winery
The Chateau Ksara winery is located in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. This region is known for having dry summers, and the different locations for the winery obtain natural water from snow melt from two different wineries. The soil in this region is rather stony, and it has features like lime, clay and chalk. The Chateau Ksara wines are produced in a winery that is the largest and oldest in Lebanon. It was established by Jesuit Priests in 1857. Today, the wines from this winery are exported to areas that range from the United States and Canada to Africa, Japan, Australia and others. More than three million bottles of wine are exported from the winery each year.

The Different Types of Wines
Whether you visit the winery in person for a tasting or you order your wine online, you will have access to a wide range of wines. The varieties vary year by year, but there are generally some types of wines that are produced at the winery on a regular basis. The Chateau Ksara wines include Sunset Gris de Gris Rose de Ksara, Moscatel, Ksarak, Cabernet Sauvignon and others. Some of these wines have won awards and have been recognized on an international level. For example, the Chateau Ksara Rouge won the Berliner Wein trophy in 2013. This is just one of many varieties that has been recognized and honored.

Lebanon wines are unique from wines produced in other areas of the country due to the type of soil and the climate in this area. Ksara wines are among the most popular Lebanese wine produced, and you can easily try the different varieties by placing an order today. The wines that you select can be shipped directly to your home, and you can choose to sample them on your own or share them with friends. Take time today to explore some of the different types of Ksara wines available.