Coleccion Malbec 2014

Venture to Argentina's Cafayate Valley and you'll discover Bodega El Esteco's Michel Torino collection of wines. It's the perfect setting for vineyards that produce a taste sensation and the Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec 2014 will not disappoint. Vineyards reach a staggering 3000 to 5000 feet above sea level where mountains hem them in, creating the ideal atmosphere for fine wine. Temperatures hold steady with little rain. It's hot during the day, but the nights remain cool, setting the stage to produce the Coleccion Malbec 2014, a wine that has the right blend of flavors. If you are looking for a red wine that is enhanced by a delightful blend of plum, cherry, rosemary, and chocolate, this is the wine for you.

The Secret behind Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec 2014
The Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec 2014 gets its phenomenal flavor from its preparation. Great care is taken in all stages, beginning with long days in the hot sun, ripening the grapes to a deep purple, ensuring they are ripe for the harvest. With a limited amount of moisture, the fruit remains pure and is not pestered by insects, ensuring nothing detracts from the condition of the grapes. To produce a wine of the best quality, you must begin with superior fruit. Grapes are handpicked to protect their integrity and then the fermentation period begins. For this vintage, the aging period is short at only five months. As a result, there is hardly any oak flavoring and the wine has a fresh, juicy pizzazz that wakes up the taste buds.

An Excellent Complement for a Hearty Meal
If you are planning a full course meal that revolves around pastas, meats, or bold flavors, the Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec 2014 will make it complete. Cap off your evening as you savor the dark berries that continue to linger on your tongue, a hint of spices and vanilla enriching the experience even further. Whether you enjoy a glass of wine after work, with your meal, or as you sit and relax in the evening, you can count on the Michel Torino Collection of wines to give you satisfaction. Serve the Coleccion Malbec chilled as you enjoy a romantic evening or gather with a group of friends. With the Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec in your wine cellar, you can't go wrong. This Malbec will bring you back for more time and again. Notes the spelling as many people make this mistake and type Collection Malbec when searching instead of Coleccion Malbec.