Cuma Malbec Organic

If you like wine, you’ll want to learn all you can about Cuma Malbec Organic.

Cuma Malbec is a black skinned grape found in southern France and Argentina. It is considered the icon of Argentina wine making - that shows you just how important this grape is to Argentina’s wine production. The Malbec grapes ripen about halfway through the growing season, producing very small but deeply colored grapes. These grapes end up producing a wine that is incredibly solid and meaty. The organic process negates the aging in oak that typically occurs with this and other wines.

Malbec vineyards are planted at high altitudes. Cool is good for these grapes. It slows down how quickly the grape ripens which, in turn, enhances the flavor potential. Michel Torino have created a magnificent example of this grape as well as many other local and international varietals.

So, what does it taste like?

Well, if you like red wine, this will be an interesting addition to your collection. If red wine is not normally your thing, you may decide to taste Cuma Malbec Organic because of the differences it brings to the table. Cuma Malbec Organic has:

A lively red color with a hint of violet
Soft and sweet tannins (this quality makes wine taste dry)
A hint of dates
A little bit of raisins
Fruity with blueberry and pomegranate, black cherry, and plum spice at the end

For red wine drinkers, Cuma Malbec Organic is one to buy.

If you don’t normally drink red wine straight, and many people don’t, try it with a meal. This Cuma Malbec pairs well with meats such as steaks and sauces. Cook with Malbec to get a unique taste in your pot roast. The sauce will be more robust than it ever has been before. Make sure when you buy Malbec that it is organic as this shows this grapes true potential.

Tasting wine is something to be enjoyed. Trying something new, either from an area you've never sampled before, with notes you hadn't experienced in the past, or with food you don’t typically eat can be an enlightening experience. The Cuma Malbec is no exception. Its robust flavor is strong and bold. You will know you've tasted this red because of the wine’s sheer presence. But that boldness can be perfect for those who like a little spice in their glass at the end of a rich meal. It is also perfect for those who enjoy the hint of fruit and nuttiness that this wine offers. Pour a glass with a succulent cut of filet mignon and savor the flavors. You won't be disappointed.