Cuma Malbec 2014 Organic Wine

Argentina is well-known for producing some of the most delectable wines in the world, and wine lovers often ask specifically for Argentinian wines from several popular wineries from this region due to their fascinating blend of flavors and because of the wide variety of wines produced. The Michel Torino Winery is among the most well respected wineries in Argentina, and each year, it produces incredible wines for its customers to savor. The Cuma Malbec 2014 from the Michel Torino Estate is one of the top options currently available, and this red wine is one that wine lovers will want to sample if they have not already done so.

The Production of Cuma Malbec
The ingredients used and the growing process as well as the wine making process all come together to give each variety a unique flavor. The Cuma Malbec 2014 has ingredients that were entirely produced at a very high elevation in the northwestern Andes in Argentina, and all ingredients are purely organic. This area of Argentina has limited rainfall and shallow soil. Furthermore, the climate has typically hot days and rather chilly nights. These factors all combine together to create ingredients in Cuma Malbec that give the wine a bold, complex flavor. The wine is aged in stainless steel containers rather than in oak containers to preserve the flavors of the fruit.

What to Expect
The Cuma Organic Malbec is a red wine that is best when consumed at a young age, so now is the ideal time to purchase a bottle or even a case. When you taste the Cuma Malbec produced in 2014, you will be delighted by the deep fruit flavors that are not tinged with oak or wood flavors. The flavors are complex and brilliant, and you will notice hints of blackberry and raspberry accentuated with the perfect amount of spice. This is a wine that starts with a bold richness and that ends with a soft and almost dry finish.

Cuma Malbec is just one of several wines that are produced by the Michel Torino Winery each year. This winery has a fabulous reputation for producing delicious wines and for delivering them at a relatively reasonable price. The wines are available in locations around the world, but the most convenient way to purchase this Malbec may be to order a bottle or even an entire case online and have it shipped right to your door. is the best source for this wine and all the other wines from this fantastic grower.

A good Argentinian Malbec should be in every wine lover's rack. The Malbec grape is the most popular in Argentina, and known for its almost black color. If you enjoy dark fruit flavors such as black raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry you will adore a Malbec wine, and Cuma Malbec from Michael Torino is the perfect choice.

Popular Pairings

If you're curious about what eats to serve with your Argentinian Malbec wine, stick with the following:

Red meats
Wild game
Spicy dishes

Of course you can never go wrong offering it with a great choice of cheeses. Try Cashel Blue cheese, Tallegio, and Iberico to bring out the best flavors.

A Rich History

Cuma Malbec Michael Torino comes from the Bodega El Esteco winery in the Salta province of Argentina. The winery was established in 1892, and sold twice. Finally to a Swiss group that has greatly improved its image under the name Michel Torino Bros La Rosa Wineries, a premier producer of exceptional wines.

Michel Torino’s wineries were impressively built at over 1,700 meters. The vineyards were long destined to grow the best vines, producing quality grapes for making their ever popular selection of wines.

A Great Tasting Wine

Cuma Malbec is a medium bodied dry wine. Great for drinking alone, or with one of the above mentioned accompaniments, you'll appreciate the plum and blueberry flavors that feature spices tarragon, rosemary and eucalyptus. Choose as a soothing end to a long day, or for entertaining friends. This wine will easily impress anyone, and its aroma of fresh plum is the perfect prelude.

Organic Practices

Not only are the Malbec grapes grown organically, the winery follows the same practices to allow for a perfectly natural product. The grapes are grown at high altitude in shallow soil, and the region receives little rain. The area lends to hot days and cool nights perfect for optimum growth so much so that there is little human interference aside from the manual harvest.

When the wine is produced, little oak is necessary because this Malbec is mean to be drunk young. It's actually aged in stainless steel containers in cool temperatures, found to be best for bringing out its naturally impressive flavor.

If you like an intense flavor, aroma and color you can't go wrong with this wine. If you're a fan of Bordeaux, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon then you'll instantly be a fan.