Cuma Malbec Organic wine

Malbec grapes are commonly used to produce bold, robust red wines. While the grapes originally were grown in the French wine country, the grapes were also imported to Argentina several hundred years ago. The unique growing conditions in Argentina produce Malbec grapes that are less tannic than those in France, and this gives Argentinia Malbec wines a unique twist that is slightly softer than the Malbec wines produced in France. The Michel Torino winery is located in one of the growing regions in Argentina with the highest altitude, making conditions ripe for the production of the Cuma Malbec Organic wine. This is a popular wine that has been produced for many years, and it may be the ideal selection for your next purchase.

A Bold Organic Wine
The Malbec grapes and other ingredients used in the Cuma Malbec Organic wine are produced in earth-friendly ways. The winery's growing practices eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, ensuring that the produce is grown in the most natural way possible to ensure the flavor of each ingredient. The ingredients in this organic wine include Malbec grapes coupled with blueberry, pomegranate, cherries, plums, rosemary, vanilla, nuts, spices and raisins. This is a wine that has an intense aroma that invites you to enjoy every sip, but it lacks the sweetness in other red wines.

How to Pair It
The Cuma Malbec Organic wine has been produced by the Michel Torino Winery for many years, and each year produces a slightly unique version that wine connoisseurs are sure to love. While the flavor and aroma can be intense, they also can be paired beautifully with beef dishes, and some people even enjoy cooking with it. For example, it can be used with delicious results in a fine sauce to accompany a pot roast. It has a long-lasting finish that you can enjoy with your meal or in your meal.

The Cuma Organic range produced by Michel Torino Wines is just one of several options that you can purchase from this renowned Argentinian winery. The selection also has a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Torrotes option. The wines are available for purchase from Wineman and this is an Argentinian wine that must be sampled to truly be enjoyed.