Don David Malbec Reserve is a wine of elegance and surprising value.

Oak barrels are used in its production, which lends a note of richness to the taste and aroma. The grapes are sourced from vineyards at some of the highest altitudes where these superb fruits can grow, resulting in exemplary effects on the palate. You'll be certain to enjoy this wine paired with a hearty and satisfying meal.

The grapes used in Don David Malbec Reserve are grown at a 1,700 meter altitude. At this height, constant breezes, daily sunshine and cool air create tender grapes with unparalleled sweetness. The rocky and sandy soil provides just the right combination of nutrients for growing grapes. The Michel Torino vineyard is certified organic and is irrigated with a flood and drip system. The handpicked grapes are carefully processed and aged for 12 months in oak barrels.

Tastes and Aromas
The tastes and aromas of the 2012 vintage are like no other wine we've tried. The taste is complex and combines notes of red fruits, spice, and a woodsy feel from aging in the oak. The aftertaste is long and rich as a result of the plentiful tannins. The aromas are thick and linger in the air for a breathtaking experience.

The Overall Experience of Don David Malbec 2012
This wine is truly delicious. The experience is one to savor and should be shared with friends and a good meal. This Malbec leaves a strong impression and will be calling your name the next time you're trying to decide which wine to serve for company. This wine is a purchase you won't regret. many people try this wine in restaurants and then search online for where to buy it. The lingering aftertaste and smoothness will leave you longing for more as the last drop is poured from the bottle.

Serving Suggestions
This wine goes well with just about anything we've tried. It can also be savored all on its own. However, we think this wine is especially appealing when served with a hearty and filling meal. Casual enough to enjoy over an informal meal yet rich enough for company. Our serving suggestions include:

Grilled steak (Argentinean of course), baked potato and grilled asparagus, Beef stew, venison stew or beef bourguignon, Mushroom or spinach stuffed ravioli, Baked spaghetti, Red beans and sausage, Gumbo