Dona Paula Estate Wines

The location of a vineyard is critical to the success of the winery. After several years of searching for the perfect location to open a winery, the Dona Paula winery and vineyard was established. The vineyard land for the Dona Paula Estate is nestled in the Uco Valley in Altamira, San Carlos in Argentina. This is where many of the ingredients that are used in the many varietals produced by the Dona Paula winery are grown.

The Unique Location
The robust and exceptional flavors of the various Dona Paula wines are the product of the unique climate in the region and the location. One of the reasons this particular location was selected for the Dona Paula Estate is the soil condition present on the property. The estate is located at an elevation of 1,150 meters, so there is a relatively cool climate most of the year. The soil is sandy and has layers of caliche and stone. There is relatively no nutrients in the soil, and there is suitable drainage on the property, which allows the vines to be grown very close together.

The Production of Different Varietals
Each variety of wine produced at the Dona Paula Estate is produced in a different way. They all use grapes grown on the estate as well as a combination of other ingredients. Some walk through a process that includes berries sorted in a double sorting process, the use of a vibratory table, fermentation with a wild culture process, soft extraction, aging and artisinal vinification. Some of the different varieties available include Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Syrah, Malbec Syrah, Chardonnay and others. Most of the wines that are produced at the Dona Paula Estate are sold locally or throughout South America, but some are sold online and through other stores in international locations beyond South American countries.

The wines produced at the Dona Paula Estate are truly unique, and some of the varieties of been recognized through various awards and mentions. You may consider reviewing the different varieties available for purchase to discover some of the varieties that appeal to you, and this is a great way to open your eyes and to expand your taste buds to different experiences. You can purchase a bottle in a local store if the Dona Paula wines are sold close to you, or you can simply order a bottle or even a full case of your preferred selection through an online purchase via