Echeverria Sauvignon Blanc 2014

For many people, there is nothing better than a fine glass of wine. Whether it's at an intimate dinner for two or simply enjoying a glass at the end of a hard day at work, the aroma and taste of a perfect wine is hard to match. Recently, white wine enthusiasts have been raving about Echeverria Sauvignon Blanc 2014 as one of the best white wines on the market. Echeverria Wines are lovingly created in Molina in Chile. Family owned and run they represent a proud tradition of winemaking headed by the resident wine maker Roberto Echeverria.

Food Pairings
What makes Echeverria Sauvignon Blanc so popular with so many wine lovers is how it pairs so well with certain foods. When paired together with a plate of salmon, tuna or shellfish this wine becomes one that fills one's palate with a variety of sensations. With its aromas that suggest a hint of citrus such as grapefruit or lime, Echeverria Sauvignon feels very fresh on the front end. Described as having a lean citrusy feel to each glass, it allows a person to enjoy each aroma in their own special way. However, it is the finish to a glass that takes this wine to the next level in the eyes of many wine connoisseurs.

A Perfect Ending
While first tasting this wine reminds one of lime and grapefruit, it is the finish that truly excites everyone. Described as zesty but basic, a variety of flavors including pickled mango, lime and green apple lead to a cutting palate unlike any other. Some describe it as a vibrant aroma of fresh herbs, green peppers and tomato leaves with just a hint of grapefruit and lime. A bright yellow color and light green hues add to the wine's exquisite nature, and a natural acidity that's balanced yet pleasant, adds even more to the fruity finish that makes this wine so popular.

Refreshing and Enjoyable
Overall, Echeverria Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is loved for its affordability, taste and style that are unlike most wines on today's market. While other wines made from this grape can be more pungent, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or come with a fruitier taste, such as French Sancerre, Echeverria Sav Blanc has become a wine that is the first choice for anyone wanting a glass of white wine that combines the best of everything. With such summer fruit tastes as pears, lemons and honeydews also included in the mix, this wine has been described as having a soft, dry light body with a smooth, simple and brisk taste. As those who have tasted it have said, it's a winning combination that cannot be matched.