Faultline Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Fault Line Sauvignon Blanc 2013 was created in New Zealand through the combined efforts of Marlborough Valley Wineries, along with winemaker and wine consultant Alana McGettigan. The vintner developed the FaultLine brand in commemoration of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake experienced in the Marlborough area in 1848. During the event, geologists estimate that the ground was horizontally displaced by approximately eight metres along a 105 kilometre fault line in Awatere Valley.

The Making of FaultLine Sauvignon Blanc

The vineyards that contributed the grapes for the Fault Line brand lie in the rocky soils of the Marlborough Valley. Specifically, the fruit comes from the Brancott, Lower Wairau and Rapaura regions. Once harvested, the grapes undergo a cool-fermenting process in stainless-steel tanks until the wine yields 13.15% alcohol.


The wine is pale straw in colour with light green overtones. On the nose, the aroma is fresh and features a combination of gooseberry, passion fruit and freshly cut grass.


The bouquet of the medium-bodied wine carries through to the palate with the same crisp berry, tropical fruit and grassy flavors. The sweetness remains balanced with the mouth-watering dry, crisp acidity. The wonderful blend of flavours lingers and presents an enduring, dry finish.

Serving Suggestions

The wine is best served at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). When storing the Sauvingon Blanc in the refrigerator, remove the bottle and open approximately 15 minutes before serving. FaultLine Sauvignon is appropriate as a sipping wine served alone, as an appetizer or with a variety of Asian foods, pasta dishes, salads, raw vegetables, seafood or white meats. The sweet flavours go well with shellfish or white fish and are enhanced when the fish is topped with citrus or garlic sauces. When served with salads, tangy vinegar-based dressings ably compliment the vintage.

Kiwi-Oeno Limited

Alana McGettigan and her partners in the business offer experienced and professional wine production services that are customised to meet the needs of individual clients. In addition to working with some of the most successful winemakers in New Zealand, Kiwi-Oeno also gained recognition for creating a number of award winning wines. Besides winemaking in New Zealand, the company also creates vintages in many different European countries that include France and Italy. Born and raised in Methven, Canterbury, Alana McGettigan personally creates two vintages every year. This Sauvignon Blanc remains one of McGettigan's favourites. Saint Clair wines are the driving force behind this hugely successful wine.