Faultline Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The famed Marlborough region at the tip of New Zealand’s South Island is home to over ¾ of the country’s wineries, most of which specialize in the incredibly popular Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Geological diversity, fertile soil and the marriage of mountain and seaside climates work synergistically to impart a distinctive and sophisticated taste that is treasured the world over. Fault Line Sauvignon Blanc 2015, handcrafted by winemaker Alana McGettigan, is produced by Saint Clair Family Estates in the fertile Wairau River valley and remains one of the most popular wines from the region.

This Faultline wine has a crisp and fruity flavour profile that makes it accessible and easy to drink. It pairs wonderfully with most dishes- making it an excellent option for value and versatility in the UK restaurant market. It requires no further aging and is ready to drink. Try this award-winning vineyard's New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc today, it offers an incredible taste at an even more incredible value!


Saint Clair Estates was established as one of the first vineyards in this fertile river valley region in the 1970s. Their innovative wine making team applies geological knowledge with viniculture expertise and a sustainable approach to create award winning, great-tasting wines.

Faultline wine begins with a grape. The Sauvignon Blanc variety originated in western France but grows exceptionally well in the Marlborough region due to its unique climate and soil factors. For centuries, the fertile, loamy soil was Maori crop land. In 1848, the region experienced an immense earthquake, exposing a millennia of untouched earth, brimming with nutrients. This mineral-rich soil serves as the perfect base to support the vines’ complex root systems. Awash in unbridled sunshine during the day and cool mountain breezes at night, the grapes are grown in ideal conditions to create a wine with an unmistakable flavour profile and an exquisite aroma.


Saint Clair Estate's new, state of the art winery was built in 2006, with the capability to crush 400 tons of grapes per day. With a high-tech temperature control system and storage for over 800 oak barrels, Faultline wine is created with the highest standards, from the field to your glass.

To create this wine, hand-selected sauvignon blanc grapes were immediately pressed after picking to minimize contact with the skin and to preserve the integrity of the juice. After settling, the juice was fermented with a specially cultivated strain of yeast in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to ensure the ultimate freshness and preserve every varietal character. Before it was bottled and sent off to the world, the wine was vetted by Saint Clair Estate's award-winning team to ensure it met their exacting standards. The result is a smooth, citrusy white wine that makes lesser brands pale in comparison.

Tasting Notes

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is powerful but never overwhelming. There are no surprises, no "sneaky" notes- but this boldness is why it is so popular the world over. It is a white wine but can hold its own with hearty fare and can complement the most delicate of dishes. It is powerful, direct and infinitely adaptable. Fault Line Sauvignon Blanc, like all Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc varieties, derives its bold flavors from its unique growing conditions. The soil is perfect, free draining and full of rich minerals that help shape the structure of the wine and help concentrate the flavour. It is dry but not boring; citrusy, fresh and floral. A mélange of gooseberry, passion fruit and herbaceous flavours dominate while hints of honeysuckle and tropical notes round them out. The aroma is gorgeous and green.

Serving Suggestions

The 2015 vintage of Faultline Sauvignon Blanc is dry and crisp and pairs well with chicken, rabbit and shellfish. A fantastic compliment to Thai, Hawaiian or any type of tropical food. The citrusy profile shines with cold salads, pastas and delicate seafood dishes. If you are ever unsure of what to bring to a party, this is an ideal wine. It goes well with appetisers, entrees and desserts, and its uncomplicated nature makes it infinitely likeable!