Fili Prosecco

Different market forces have increasingly influenced many wine producers to resort to universal types of wine that cannot be clearly identified by their origins both in terms of region and individual producers, particularly in the lower end of the market. However, Fili Prosecco stands apart. The Sacchetto family produces the distinctive wine.

Brief Information about Sacchetto Winery

Filiberto Sachetto established Cantina Sacchetto in 1920 and managed it with his children. The winery is located in Trebaseleghe, and the name Fili Prosecco is derived from Filiberto’s nickname.

The Origins of Prosecco Wine

The white wine originates from north-eastern Italy, particularly the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions. It is produced from the Glera grape variety, which is also informally referred to by that name. However, the term “Prosecco” was regulated under DOC law in 2009, reserving it particularly for wines produced in the specified wine regions in north-eastern Italy.

The term was initially associated with low-quality Asti, and wine educators used it when demonstrating the difference between wines made using the Charmat and other traditional methods. However, improved viticultural and production techniques led to better wines over the years, and they currently include subtle complexities, aromas and flavors.

The Glera grape must still account for at least 85% of the Prosecco wine. The DOC regulations only permit the sale of Prosecco wine in traditional glass bottles, which may be clear, smoked, yellow, brown or green.

What Makes Fili Prosecco Distinct?

The Sacchetto family is committed to producing a sparkling white wine and packaging it in a way that identifies with the family’s friendly and innovative nature. The shape of the bottle is specifically commissioned for the winery, and it is meant to attract the adventurous and young customers.

Fili Prosecco is made entirely of the Glera grapes using the Charmat method, and the family bottles it in the "spumante" or fully sparkling style. The wine has the typical aromas of pear and apple associated with Prosecco and adds subtle complexities with a hint of sage. However, the wine is clearly fruit-based.

The wine leaves a pure and fresh taste on the palate, and the mousse has a distinct textural sophistication. The mousse provides a beautifully creamy taste right from the start.

You can either serve Fili Prosecco with a simple seafood cuisine or an aperitif. You can drink it throughout your meal. For this great taste, visit and make your purchase.