Gris Blanc Gerard Bertrand Rose

A rose by any other name is an excellent glass of wine when it is Gris Blanc Gerard Bertrand rose wine. The wine is made from the Grenache Gris and Grenache blanc grape and has a soft, pale pink hue that evokes images of candlelight dinners or a quiet, relaxing evening at home. The quietly alluring bottle of wine balances quality with price so that everyone can enjoy good wine from the Gerard Bertrand winery located in the south of France.

Swish, Sip and Enjoy

The pale pink color, containing hints of white and grey, is the first feature that captures attention. When the wine bottle is opened, the wine drinker is ready to enjoy a:

• Red berry or light cherry aroma
• Pleasant, but mildly racy, fresh fruit flavor
• Finish that continues the mild berry flavor
• Smooth texture or flavor impression that is enjoyed long after the swallow

Before taking the first sip, swish the wine around the wine glass to release its berry scent and flavors. The light, red berry scent is impossible to miss. Take a deep sniff of the wine. Since scent and taste are intertwined, one influencing the other, the sipping experience is enhanced when first sniffing the Gris Blanc Bertrand Rose wine.

Take a small sip, swirl the Gris Blanc around the mouth, and allow it to linger to get a full impression. Drinking wine is so much about the senses, and this one was made to please.

South of France to the Table

The gris-blanc wine is made by blending two light-skinned Grenache grapes. The two grapes are often grown in the same field side-by-side. The Grenache gris adds a fuller texture, while the Grenache blanc is lighter. Bringing the two grapes together into a rose-by-design wine creates a highly enjoyable drink that tastes of a mix of fruits that some say also tastes like a bit of cocoa and fig.

This Gerard Bertrand Rose is a contemporary wine that brings the South of France wine country to the table. It goes particularly well with dishes like chicken and rice, bouillabaisse and shellfish. The Bertrand wineries hand pick their grapes and press them soon after picking. The winery carries out the wine-making process in controlled conditions to ensure the grape qualities are not lost. The wine is also matured for several weeks before bottling.

The supple, fresh, fruity Gris Blanc Rose can dress up the table and please the palate. It is simply a wine for all moods and occasions.