Hamilton Russell Chardonnay from South Africa

Those who are shopping for a smooth yet fruity Chardonnay to enjoy with meals or after dinner may be taking a closer look at the Hamilton Russell Chardonnay. The Hamilton Russell Vineyards is located on a large estate close to the small South African village of Hermanus. It is a premier coastal winery that is acclaimed around the world, and it was established in 1975. The vineyard specializes in cool climate varietals, including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The unique shale and clay-based soil on the vineyard's estate give the wines a unique element that the vineyard has become well-known for.

Critically Acclaimed Wine
The Hamilton Russell Chardonnay has been widely acclaimed by wine experts from around the world over the years. The wine has a dry and almost mineral-like element that may be due to the soil where the grapes are produced. Wine critics love the intensity and boldness of this Hamilton Russell wine, and its complexity is blended with a smoothness that gives it the ideal balance. It is a wine that commands to be noticed, but it is not so overwhelming and powerful that it becomes the hallmark of the table. It has a delicious, robust aftertaste that invites you to remember it after each sip.

What to Expect
Many who have savored this classic Chardonnay have noted that it has an almost creamy texture. In addition to the smooth texture, the vivid boldness of the fruits is difficult to miss. It has both strong pear and lime elements blended with lighter elements like persimmon, red apple, mango and hazelnut. You can expect a clear flavor with each fruit flavor distinguishable, yet the flavors are also blended beautiful for a defined, understated yet equally robust flavor that is difficult to overlook on any table. The wine is held in an oak case for more than a half-year before it is released to the public, and this gives the wine the final natural element that you may notice as you savor each sip of this beautiful Chardonnay.