Hazy View Wines

Tickle the Taste Buds with Hazy View Pinotage
When it comes to having a delight for the tongue, there's no doubt about Hazy View wines and Hazy View Pinotage. This is a bottle of wine with a reputation for excellence, a favorite for a decade, gracing tables, homes, and special events countless times. For the red wine lover, this is a definite must to add to the collection. Its medium body and brambly flavor make it easy going down. Brought to you by Hannes Storm out of South Africa, you'll want to serve this wine at room temperature. It's the perfect complement to a hearty, Italian meal that is rich in pasta or with a roast. Cap off the end of a long day with a relaxing glass on the patio or enjoy it on a quiet evening with friends.

Exclusively found in South Africa, Hazy View Pinotage has a flavor that is all its own. You will be making a departure from typical European wines when you try this bottle of red. Don't be surprised if you find yourself coming back again and again. The original Pinotage dates back to 1925 when Pinot Noir and Cinsaut were married together to create a unique blend. When you open a bottle of Hazy View, you'll be taking part in a rich history of wine making, dating back 300 years. South Africa's vineyards are the place where the past meets with the present to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

The Hazy View Chenin Blanc
Trust Hannes Storm and a South African take on Chenin Blanc, a white wine that goes perfectly with a seafood meal or when you simply need a refreshing sip with a crisp flavor that you will never forget. It has a fruity flavor that has been preserved in the vinification process. For the first six hours, luscious grapes are allowed to sit in their skins. They are then crushed and fermented in tanks of stainless of steel at a cool temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. This is an elegant wine with a hint of peach that is irresistible. Serve it chilled as an aperitif as you visit with guests or plan a romantic evening with that extra special someone. Make your occasion memorable with a bottle of Hazy View Chenin Blanc to create perfection.