Hen and Chicken Chardonnay from Australia

Hen and Chicken Chardonnay is one of the many wines produced by the Larry Cherubino winery. This winery has the distinction of being named the winery of the year in the James Halliday Australian Wine Companion. This winery is known for a passionate commitment to maximizing the quality of wine in the vineyard and in the winery.

The Vintage

The grapes used for producing Hen and Chicken Chardonnay are in the Pemberton/Manjimp regions in Australia. The growing conditions are typically normal to below average. A typical season will often be dry after a good rainfall that follows a mild winter. Some years there might be a reduced crop due to reduced rainfall. A warm and dry January often results in grapes that are fully ripe that are then picked in March. Volumes can be small to normal, but will have high-quality white grapes.

The Wine Making

Paying attention to water and canopy management are important aspects of wine making. There is also a correct time to pick the grapes to minimize any interference with winery operations. Grapes are handpicked and whole-pressed. Natural yeasts are used and the wine will age in new to two-year old French oak barrels before being bottled.

The Wine

This wine has a buttery rich flavor from being aged in French Oak barrels. There are aromas of melons and citrus, with an intense yet soft palate. Wine enthusiasts will find each glass will have a flavour of lemon butter with a gentle spice that has a fresh and long finish. Each bottle of Chardonnay is balanced and presents a pale appearance. The nose will sense a hint of vanilla with a cool acidity. The depth and balance that comes from the wine is a result of a careful oak treatment applied to every barrel.

Drink With

Hen and Chicken Chardonnay can be served with lemon risotto or any type of seafood. It also goes nicely with poultry that is covered in a creamy sauce.

Technical Information

The grapes for Hen and Chicken Chardonnay come from the Channybearup vineyard and were planted in 1999. The location of the vineyard is Pemberton, WA. Irrigation is necessary as the vines per hectare total 1800.

The alcohol content of the wine will vary by vintage, but is between 12.5 percent and 13 percent. There is a cellaring potential of five years from the bottling date.

This wine can be purchased by the public from www.wineman.co.uk where you can also buy many of Larry Cherubino wines. For trade enquiries the importer is Hallgarten Druitt but please note Hallgarten Druitt do not sell to the public and there are not many UK retailer lucky enough to sell this wine, especially at such a good price!