Il Pumo Negroamaro Igp Salento

The San Marzano wines co-operative lies in Apulia, Salento. The region consists of the strip of land that makes up the heel of the boot of Italy, which is bordered by the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas. Here, grape vines and olive trees grow beside each other in red, clay-like soil. The unique location means climates often experience extremes from frost and high winds. Nonetheless, the passion of the local winemakers manage to coax elegant, full-bodied wines from the vineyards found here.

Producing Il Pumo Negroamaro Igp Salento

The wine is crafted using only 100% of the dark Negroamaro grapes, which are harvested in the middle of September. Maceration takes place for 10 days in carefully climate-controlled steel tanks. The juice is then transferred to French oak barrels for the fermentation process that lasts no less than three months. The aging process continues after bottling the young wine.

The Negroamaro grapes display an extremely dark purple color. The variety has historically thrived in southern Italy for more than 1,500 years. Prized for its rich color, medium tannins and black fruit flavors, the grapes also often emit earthier tones and spices that may include allspice, cinnamon or cloves.


The Il Pumo Negroamaro Igp Salento has a deep ruby red appearance that boast glints of violet overtones. The vintage exudes an intense aroma of dark cherries and plums, accompanied by hints of vanilla and rosemary.


On the tongue, the fresh, full-bodied wine offers sweet cherry and plum flavors complimented by slight coffee and spicy notes. These flavors are followed by a hint of chocolate. The tannins create a velvety smooth and lasting finish.

Serving Suggestions

Il Pumo Negroamaro Igp Salento is appropriately served at temperatures ranging between 60.8 and 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit (16 and 18 degrees Celsius). The vintage does not require decanting. Food pairings include game meats, red or processed meats and mature, seasoned cheeses. The wine also works well when accompanying flavorful first courses or dishes with meat sauces.

The Cantine San Marzano

In 1962, 19 families having generations of viniculture in their blood combined efforts and established the Cantine San Marzano cooperative. Since that time, the number of members grew to more than 1,200. The group implement the most modern equipment and technology available to produce the finest vineyards that create the remarkable wines of the region. However, though using environmentally techniques, the winemakers are cautious to include centuries of tradition, passion and knowledge to produce wines having recognizable regional features. For further information click this previous article on San Marzano.