Luccarelli Primitivo from San Marzano

The best wines combine aroma, fine subtleties of taste and an overall body that fills the mouth luxuriantly. So it is with primitivo wines, a variety thought to have traveled to the Puglia region of Italy via Croatia. These wines have high levels of tannin, with a certain bitterness that is characteristic of many Italian varieties. Luccarelli primitivo di Manduria is one of the best examples of this type of wine, now known under the Il Pumo Primitivo name. The Old Lucarelli Primitivo di Manduria is now known as Falo Primitivo d Manduria both wines are produced by the San Marzano co-operative in the heart of Puglia in the heel of Italy.

The Primitivo Grape
The primitivo grape is genetically the same as the Zinfandel of the California vineyards. The word Primitivo refers to the grape's early-ripening ability. This timing helps to give the wine a deep tannin character that many people enjoy. Primitivo grapes tend to produce medium to full bodied wines with cherry and blackberry flavors, as well as a nutmeg and clove hints. Chocolate and faint espresso flavors can also be detected.

Primitivo Di Manduria
Manduria is the home of primitivo winemaking in Puglia, where grapes have been grown for hundreds of years. The climate is hot and dry here, with a flat, coastal plain that slopes gently into the sea. In the past, the region was known for producing wines only suitable for blending, but more recently, its wine is being recognized for more complex flavors. Primitivo di Manduria comes in both a dry form and sweetened form, the Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale. Luccarelli Primitivo di Manduria retains the faintly spicy flavor of the traditional primitivo grape.

Increased Popularity of Primitivo Wines
The rich, dark colors and savory flavors of primitivo wines are beginning to have a strong following among wine enthusiasts. While zinfandel enjoyed popularity for many years, the less well known primitivo languished in obscurity. However, the recent scientific study of the genetic similarities between zinfandel and primitivo grapes has sparked curiosity in the Italian version. Many people enjoyed the greater complexity and stronger flavors of the primitivo type.

Matching Primivito with Food
The Luccarelli Primitivo di Manduria or Falo as it is now known variety is suitable for eating with a variety of dishes. It's slightly tart taste makes it a natural with tomato-based dishes. It can also be served successfully with grilled meats, eggplant parmesan and even highly spiced Mideastern dishes. The wine's berry undertones provide a lovely balance for highly seasoned dishes, while the tannins allow for a strong, distinct flavor. Even a simple pizza meal can benefit from the full-bodied taste of this grape variety.