Merlot Dal Pic

When you long for a taste of Italy that has been brought home to your own table, look no further than the Merlot Dal Pic. Savor the flavor of grapes that have been harvested from the upper slopes of San Floriano del Collio, not far from the Slovenian border. Wine the likes of the Merlot Dal Pic began as a family affair over 100 years ago with Eugenio Collavini and the tradition continues with his ancestor, Manlio Collavini. When you want the perfect bottle of red, choose the Merlot Dal Pic for a treat for your senses.

Experience a Winemaking Technique from the Experts
The grapes for the Merlot Dal Pic have been through a meticulous process that produces only the best in wines. First, they are allowed to dry. As they sit in the drying room, they're rich body is enhanced, as well as their flavor. The maceration process lasts for 20 days. After maceration in stainless steel tanks is complete, the aging process begins. The wine ages for two years in oak barriques, then two more years in the bottle. Collavini Wines was founded in 1896 in Udine they now produce many fantastic white and red wines with this Merlot being one of the finest examples.

The Ideal Complement to Your Meal
When you are sitting down to a meal of red meat and cheese, this deep ruby vintage is the wine for you. You will experience a hint of forest fruits with this soft wine that is further enhanced with a hint of licorice and spice. When you finish your glass, you will be begging for another as you enjoy the sweet tannins that are like velvet on your taste buds. Whether you are holding a party, having a romantic night with your love, or you simply want to add elegance to your meal, add a bottle of this wine to your plans.

A Wine for Anytime
A signature of a great wine is that it will keep you coming back to it time and again. When you need your go-to wine, especially if you have a love affair with the red vintages, be sure to include the Merlot Dal Pic. Enjoy a glass at your meal, when you come home from work at the end of a long day and need to unwind, or while you are relaxing in the evening. Your choice in wine can be the accompaniment to your day that you will continue to eagerly anticipate. A great wine from the masters will not disappoint.