Opal Ridge Wine Gewurztraminer Verdelho

Finding the best combinations of wine and food require hours of experimentation. Aromas of both wine and food must complement each other in order to achieve a desired savor for the consumers. The makers of Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho are Berton Vineyards and they have developed a unique wine by combining two varieties of grapes.

Gewurztraminer Wine Grapes

Gewurztraminer wine grapes have a pink to red skin which classifies it as a white wine grape. Although these grapes have a prominent fruit aroma, they may also have the aroma of floral notes, roses and passion fruit.

High Natural Sugar Content
With natural sweetness, wines made with these grapes are paired best with spicy, oily and fatty foods.

Suggested Food Pairings
Spicy Asian Cuisine
Munster Cheese
Fleshly. Fatty, Wild Game

Verdelho Grapes

Verdelho wine grapes are also used in white wines. They are yellow to gold colored, thick skinned, and high in acidity. Table wines produced with these grapes are tart, lemony, crisp and refreshing.

Amazingly, these two grapes have been combined to produce Opal Ridge Wine Gewurztraminer Verdelho. The combination has been described as a medium-style wine with a vibrant and fresh taste.

The Right Combination

The Opal Ridge range of wines was developed over a number of years. The final combination of 48.3 percent Gewürztraminer grapes, 47.9 percent Verdelho grapes, and 3.8 percent Frontignac Viticulture produced a medium style wine with a vibrant fresh taste. The natural sweetness of the Gewürztraminer grape remains prominent.

The Right Fermentation

Opal Ridge Wine Gewurztraminer Verdelho is fermented in cold stainless steel. Stainless steel tanks make it possible to monitor the fermentation and control temperatures. These winemaking tools aid in producing a wine that assures the consumer the same taste and aroma in every bottle.

The Right Aroma

The aroma of a fine wine increases the anticipation of great taste. However, the scents of rose petal, lemon and exotic fruits will cause some consumers to pause and savor the moment.

The Right Taste

The taste of pure fruit flavors of lychees, custard apple and honey dew melon is a delightful, refreshing drink. It is the ideal wine pairing with spicy Asian salads, stir fry, fruit salads and dairy desserts.