The Paula Malbec from Dona Paula is on special offer for the next 3 months. We have secured a special discount direct from the grower which has allowed us to sell this wine for only £7.49 a bottle for 6 bottle cases and only £7.00 a bottle if you want a dozen. You can also get a further 5% off if you subscribe to our newsletter so the good news just gets better!

The Paula Malbec is a different style to many Malbec wines from Argentina. Dona Paula wanted to create a softer style of Malbec that would be appealing to all red wine lovers. This is a superb example of this wonderful grape variety and they have done a superb job of making it soft and delicious to drink.

Many Malbec wines are full of hefty tannins and they make your teeth black. The Paula Malbec is designed to satisfy lovers of this red wine and it has all the characteristics you would expect. The colour is still dark and brooding but you don't get the dramitic teeth staining that is normally associated with this varietal. The flavours of cassis and herbs are delightful and yet the tannins are silky soft. Don't worry about headache factor either even though it's a 14% wine.

So go and get some while stocks last just click Paula Malbec to go straight to the product page