Primitivo Pazzia is now known as Primitivo di Manduria 62 Anniversario from San Marzano

San Marzano is a cooperative from puglia of over 1000 growers who lovingly tender their Primitivo vines. Only the very best of the fruit goes into the Primitivo di Manduria 62 Anniversario. For ease of reading we will refer to the old name and label and also the new name and brand of San Marzano.

Pazzia Primitvo wine comes from a popular line known as the Terre de Sava Pazzia Luccarelli Old Vines Primitivo Di Manduria. Primitivo refers to those wines that are known as "bush" wines. It is a red wine with a rich, fruity flavor that brings enthusiasts back time and again for this beverage of choice when they need the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal or simply want to linger in the evening with a glass in hand. Originating from the Sava territory, a unique blend of factors have come together to create this delicious wine. Primitivo bush vines thrive in the Salentine countryside where climate, soil type, preparation, and the grapes themselves all come together to create an irresistible flavor. Produced by San Marzano, the makers of Primitivo Pazzia have tapped into the legacy of vines that have been in existence for over a century, creating a distinct flavor that is unique from all the rest.

When pouring a glass of the 62 Anniversario, wine lovers can expect a deep, full-bodied flavor that is rich in a classic combination of spices, cherry, prunes, tobacco, and the tannins that are found in a classic, red wine. Add a touch of vanilla, coffee and cocoa to create an experience beyond compare. This is the wine that is the perfect companion to a meal that revolves around a hearty, red meat, fresh game, or to complement cheese and fruit. It can be enjoyed with other refreshments or by itself. You will enjoy this wine as it glides down the throat and makes the senses begin to hum in a completely satisfying experience.

Primitivo Pazzia/62 Anniversario is created through a careful process that involves taking great care from the very beginning as grapes are actually picked individually by workers in the vineyard. From that point, maceration and fermentation are the next stage as temperatures are controlled, holding steady between twenty four and twenty six degrees Celsius in tanks consisting of stainless steel. The aging process lasts at least half a year in containers of French oak to enhance the flavor. Once aged, each bottle of wine must sit for a year before it can grace any table. The intention is to bring flavor perfection for every gathering. Whether it is a romantic evening, a large celebration, or a lone soul enjoying a bottle on the balcony on a quiet night, this red wine is the perfect companion for wine lovers.