Perez Cruz Caberet Sauvignon Reserva

Delve into Perez Cruz Caberet Sauvignon Reserva for the Maipo Alta experience and full bodied flavor that is truly delectable in the "Bordeaux of South America." It's a wine that seriously tempts the taste buds with a classic blend of rich, red grapes laced with nuts and vanilla to further enhancement. This wine wouldn't be complete without the addition of classic herbs such as bay leaf and tarragon to provide wine connoisseurs with satisfaction in every glass.

Perez Cruz Caberet Sauvignon Reserva: A Name Synonymous with Red Wine

Considered one of the most famous red wines in the world, Perez Cruz Caberet Sauvignon Reserva is produced in a family-run winery in Chile, a region that has become prominent in the wine industry. The Maipo Valley is located outside of the capital city of Santiago in the foothills of the Andes. The latitude, temperatures throughout the year and soil that is unique to this South American country, all play a part in creating a flavor that is beyond compare. Moist winters and warm, dry summer months all play a part in allowing their red grapes to ripen to perfection. Add the innovative design in architecture from Jose Cruz Ovalle to create the ideal atmosphere where air is allowed to circulate freely and thermal isolation combine. Thanks to exposure to natural sunlight and the use of a wooden roof, this vineyard is highly unique when compared with its counterparts across the globe.

An Award Winning Wine that is the Perfect Addition to Any Table

Quality assured by the Silver International Wine Challenge, Perez Cruz Caberet has been recognized many times over with gold medals and an assortment of awards. The selection process is performed with great care before the grapes are crushed and macerated in tanks of stainless steel at a cold temperature. From there, they are aged in oak barrels for a year. Perez Cruz make a selection of wonderful red wines many of which are regarded as the finest Chile can produce.

The Perfect Way to Cap Off a Meal

When planning a meal that centers on a hearty steak or Italian foods such as pasta dishes with marinara sauce, there is no doubt that a bottle of this Cabernet will be the perfect complement at the table. Combine tannins that are smooth and abundant with the rich sensation of red grapes to bring out the best at the dinner table. This flavorful, eye-catching wine is a must and will not disappoint.

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