Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush di Venezie

Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush is a wine that is worthy of any wine connoisseurs' palette. With an average price of $11 per bottle, this wine is an affordable option for dinners, dates, celebrations and simply relaxing. Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush is light, crisp and dry, complemented by notes of green apple, lemons and blossoms.

Crisp, Dry Grigio

The Grigio style of the wine is achieved by harvesting the deep pink pinot grapes that the wine is made from early. Harvesting them early allows much of their acidity to be retained, which lends to the crisp, dry taste of the wine. Pinot grapes are naturally low in acidity, so harvesting them early is necessary for getting any acidity out of them.

Freshness and Zing

Sacchetto Pinot Blush has a certain freshness and zing to it that is quite pleasing. The way that this zing is maintained is by the way that the grapes are fermented. Fermentation usually occurs in stainless steel tanks rather than the wooden barrels that most other types of wine are fermented in. Pinot Grigio Blush wine is known for its clean, simple tastes. If the grapes were fermented in wooden barrels, weight would be added to the palette as well as sweet, vanilla aromas that would significantly detract from the simplicity and cleanness of the taste.

No Cellaring Required

Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush wine is intended for consumption within a year or two of harvesting, which means that no long cellaring time is required. In fact, cellaring is not recommended at all for this wine. You can literally pick it up from the market and drink it the very same day to enjoy its fullest flavor.

Food Pairings

Like all good wines, this variety can be paired with many foods for optimum flavor. This pinot grigio pairs well with the following dishes, just to name a few:
Goat cheese, rocket & walnut salad
Crispy garlic and chili prawns
Grilled green-lipped mussels

The dry, crisp taste of this wine brings out the distinct flavors of all the aforementioned foods. Because the wine has a hint of blush to it, it also pairs well with virtually any of the white cheeses in existence. Seafood is especially delectable with this wine, as is chicken and other white meats. While it is certainly good with red meats and yellow cheeses as well, white cheese and light meats tend to be the favored pairings with this wine. To view the range of Sacchetto wines available to buy visit