Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush

Sacchetto Wines have created a delightful Pinot Grigio Blush in the Delle Venezie region of Italy. This region is renowned for producing excellent quality Pinot Grigio and Pinot Grigio Blush wines. Sacchetto is one of the highest regarded growers of this grape and stake their reputation on combining quality and value.

Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush is mate from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes. The grapes are gently pressed to release the juice which is then added to the skins to create the salmon pink blush colour.

This mean that the wine is dry rather than sweet which is a characteristic often associated with blush wines especially the Zinfandel Blush from the USA.

Pinot Grigio grapes are neither black or white grapes but something in the middle. They start off green in colour and as the sun impacts on the skins they develop a tan and “freckles”. It is this colouring that gives the juice is lovely blush colour after the skins have been left in for a portion of the fermentation process.

Zinfandel Blush wines often have an overpowering sweet flavour and aromas of bubble gum. The Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush is completely different and is much easier to drink and will appeal to men as well as women.

Don’t confuse this blush wine with the Pinot Grigio Rose that are often in the supermarkets. These lesser wines have had red grapes skins and other grapes added to the blend. This is because the huge demand for Pinot Grigio white wine and Pinot Grigio Blush wine massively outstrips the supply.

This causes many growers to cheat and add varietals that people are unaware of such as Cataract Lucido, Inzolia and Garganega.

In many instances these grapes are the first names varietal and so make top the bulk of the wine. However due to the lack of knowledge of these grapes people naturally assume they are the family name, region name or just another Italian word they don’t understand.

This Pinot Grigio Blush is best served as an appetiser, as well as an accompaniment to fish or vegetable hors d'oeuvres, fish based first courses, baked fish such as stuffed trout or trout baked in foil. I find it especially good with salads and poached salmon.

It is equally at home served lightly chilled with friends on a hot summers day or just to enjoy as a lovely glass of wine.