The Sacchetto Spumante Pinot Grigio Blush is an Italian wine known for a light mild flavor. Cantina Sacchetto founded in 1920, located in a small town called Trebaseleghe in the famous Veneto wine region in Italy. It is near a conjunction where the provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice meet. It is a family run enterprise, with closely controlled business and winery operations. The vineyards enjoy the climate and soils of one of the oldest and most productive wine growing regions in Europe. In Italy, the Pinot Grigio is a characteristically crisp light-bodied wine with acidic flavors and lemon hints. While more known for rich red grapes, the Pinot has adapted well, and the meticulous craft of Sacchetto wines adds to the wonderful results of this Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush.

A Blend Old And New
Sacchetto production methods are a blend of modern ideas with tradition. In its careful approach to winemaking, they use 100% Pinot Grigio grapes. They process the harvest by the traditional soft pressing of the grapes. After separation of the skins, there is a period of managed skin contact, then into cool fermentation. The process uses temperature controlled stainless steel tanks this method helps retain the original fruit aromas.

Color And Light
The Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Spumante Blush’s pale salmon pink color comes from brief mixing of the pink pinot grape skins in the fermentation process. The Winemakers use the long Charmat method to add lightness. They add sparkling effervescence in this fragrant pink wine by extended fermentation. The winemakers send the mix through a secondary fermentation of approximately three months to produce gases, and they then bottle it under pressure to preserve the bubbly elegance.

Notable Tastes
The tasting notes reflect the winemaker’s care; they describe a slightly dry sparkling wine, with a mildly sweet, lingering taste. The bouquet is a fruit and floral aroma. The serving suggestions urge to serve chilled, use it as an aperitif or to accompany appetizers, delicate tastes, and fish based dishes.

A Global Brand
Sold worldwide, Sacchetto Pinots carry the prestigious Italian Government label certifications for wines produced in the Veneto Region. This well-known label is a symbol for quality and value. The Pinot Blush has a commercially practical price, one that encourages frequent use of this pink colored gem with light fare or as a stand-alone celebration wine. Given the popularity of Pinot wines, they are grown on every continent and in nearly every leading wine producing nation, this wine stands out as a low priced high value wine. You can buy this wine direct from where there are a selection of over 900 different wines available.