Sula Indian Wines

Sula Vineyards are from the Nashik region of India. Nashik is the largest wine growing region in India. Sula Vineyards was set up in 1997 by Rajeev Samant & Kerry Damsky.

They pioneered the French grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc which were first released in 2000 to wide acclaim as India’s best white wines.

This grower is based 120 miles inland from Mumbai in the Nashik highlands, a region that had always been a premium fruit growing area but had never been used to grow grapes.

Rajeev and Kerry, a prominent Californian winemaker changed all that in 1997 by planting Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc.

The first Sula wines were released in 2000 were widely acclaimed as India’s best white wines!

Sula now cultivates Shiraz and Zinfandel amongst other international varieties and broadly recognised as India’s premium wine producer.

Sula produce two different qualities of wine, the standard range and the premium reserve range. These are often made from the same grape, an example would be the Sula Shiraz and the Dindori Reserve Shiraz.

The Dindori Reserve versions of the Sula Wines are often aged in oak casks. Sula use a mixture of French and American Barriques to achieve the perfect synergy of oak texture.

There are other producers of Indian wines now making a mark on the international scene but Sula Wines continue to shock and amaze people with the sheer quality and taste of each of their offerings.

Some of the exciting range from this fantastic grower include the following

Sula Chenin Blanc

Sula Sauvignon Blanc

Sula Zinfandel

Sula Shiraz

Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Sula Dindori Reserve Viognier

This range of Indian wines are available at where you can buy a single bottle or a case if you wish to treat yourself to India’s finest wines.