The Black Shiraz from Berton Vineyards

Named for the darkened color of the fruit, The Black Shiraz from the renowned Berton Vineyards in Australia is one of the favourites of restaurants throughout the UK. Its blackcurrant fruit delights the palate with a spicy strong taste, yet is very easy to drink. Its popularity has recently increased, to make it one of the most sought-after wines from Berton Vineyards.

How to Recognize It
The Black Shiraz has a distinctive pewter and black label design that is very unique, and the black bottle and striking look hints at the intense flavour of the taste to come. The bottle is easily recognizable because of its unique design and stands out from the other wines.


Sourced across the best regions of South Eastern Australia and the Riverina, only the darkest and most flavoursome fruit is used to make The Black Shiraz. Vines are spur pruned and are on a trellis system of a single wire cordon. The 2013 vintage is particularly full in aroma and rich in spicy, blackcurrant flavors.

Its Deep and Robust Flavor
Purple black fruit produce the deep color and imparts to this Shiraz a surprisingly soft taste, unusual for a wine with a 14% alcohol content.

Serving the wine for Dining
The Black Shiraz goes well with any rich or peppery dish. Serve this intensely dark wine with the following for a memorable dining experience:

Steak au poivre, Game casseroles with full flavor, Shami kebab, Beef sausages,Chili Con Carne, Teryaki, Szechuan beef

Berton Vineyards
This winner from Berton Vineyards is the creation of winemakers James Ceccato & Tim Perrin. Berton is a contemporary winery that believes in winemaking that results in friendly and approachable wine, as they impart a casual ambiance to the tradition of the wines. Modern technology is combined with traditional winemaking, to create the unique flavours for which Berton Vineyards is known.

You will enjoy Black Shiraz, with its dark, yet soft flavour and deep colour. Open a bottle to see why it is served often in restaurants and is one of the most popular of the Berton wines and you will be another one of the folowers who love to buy this wine for enjoyment at home and to favour great friends. Paired with everyday dining, this palatable wine is a winner. Moreover, it has a reasonable price and a distinctive look that enhances its experience. And another benefit; it looks marvelous on any table, a hint of what lies inside.