The Black Shiraz 2014 Vintage review

The Black Shiraz is a wine that many people in the UK and worldwide recognise because of it’s unique pewter label.The great thing about this wine is that it not only looks fabulous but the wine inside the bottle is superb!

The Black Shiraz used to be described as an "espresso of a wine" but this was in the early vintages and now it is made in a much more approachable way.

The 2014 Vintage of The Black Shiraz combines spice, chocolate, blackcurrants and pepper. The high alcohol content of 14.5% would almost make you think that the wine would be unbalanced yet this remarkable Shiraz is a very easy drinking wine, possibly a little too easy drinking!

We have tried this Aussie Shiraz with a variety of different dishes from Barbecue to Argentinian steak and every time it has stepped up to the mark and delivered.

The Black Shiraz grapes were sourced from premium areas across South Eastern Australia. Selecting only the darkest and flavorsome fruit. This Shiraz was named because of the deep colour of the juice after crushing and the intensely dark flavours from the resulting wine.

Tasting Note - Strong, purple black and intense yet surprisingly soft and easy drinking for such a high alcohol wine.

Everyday Serving Suggestion - The Black Shiraz is the perfect choice for rich, spicy -especially peppery- dishes. Steak au poivre, full flavoured game casseroles, beef sausages and Chilli con Carne are all great food matches. Ethnic dishes such as Shami kebab, Szechuan beef and Teriyaki dishes all work well. Also perfect with strong cheeses or simply enjoy anytime with good friends or a good book!

More about Berton Wines - Berton Vineyards was established by Bob and Cherie Berton in May 1996 with 75 acres of land at 450m above sea level on gently rolling hills in a sub-region of Eden Valley in South Australia.

Berton Vineyards continues to become one of Australia's biggest wine success stories. Their growth had been monumental in terms of wine production but also in terms of market penetration.

In 2007 Bob purchased the Yenda winery in the heart of the Riverina. This state of the art facility has the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes, and allows Berton Vineyards to produce value for money wines which sit alongside his premium single vineyard offerings.

Berton Vineyards continue to innovate and create remarkable value for money wines. Their “Metal label’ Range now includes a Vermentino, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Moscato, a Sauvignon Blanc and The White Viognier. We are looking forward to the next superb wines to be created by Bob and his team