The Michel Torino Collection or Coleccion of wines

From some of the highest vineyards in the world, set at 1,700m above sea level, comes the incomparable Michel Torino Collection. Gently consistent breezes bring cooler air to the sunny climate of the setting in Salta, Cafayate, with desert and mountains as part of the surroundings. Included among the exceptional wines of the Michel Torino Collection are the following:

Coleccion Torrontes
Fermentation in stainless steel vats allows a balanced acidity in the fresh wine. Wonderful as an aperitif, its taste is less intense than found in a Gewurztraminer, and its crispness is reminiscent of spicy, fresh tropical fruit. Torrontes is delicious with the following:
Shellfish or chicken
Sweet and sour dishes
Asian inspired cuisine

Coleccion Sauvignon Blanc
Harvested manually, fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats. With very good typicity, the taste of fresh peapods and grapefruit and an intense fresh sensation are the mark of this fine wine.

Coleccion Chardonnay
Tropical fruit tones are evident in this wine, which hints of apple and pear as well as finishes with the flavour of citrus grapefruit. Delicious with:
Chicken, turkey, veal
Creamy pasta dishes

Coleccion Pinot Noir
With a hint of raspberry, the soft and velvety notes bring earth tones to the palate.

Coleccion Malbec Rose
Very fruity, with the essence of spice and summer pudding berries Malbec Rose is clean, crisp and delicious to the taste. Serve with light meals or as an aperitif.

Coleccion Merlot
Hints of blackberry, cassis and dried fruit awaken to a velvety structure with a long ripe finish. Serve at room temperature with:
Goose, duck
Pasta in tomato sauce
Mild cheeses

Coleccion Malbec
With a distinctive plum aroma, these grapes begin with a pre-fermentation maceration at cold temperatures, which softens the tannins. Part aging of 30%, in American and French oak, adds to the complexity over 6 months. This wine goes well with:
Grilled meats
Stews and spicy dishes
Tomato sauces

The Michel Torino Collection contains a range of exceptional wines to be enjoyed.