Perez Cruz Wines

If you’re looking for a wine that offers a smooth, supple texture with great complexity and a taste that can be savoured, Perez Cruz Wines should be your wine of choice. Their wines offer some of the highest value for the price of any wine available today, and that’s a quality they are justifably proud of.

Perez Cruz wines are grown from carefully cultivated grapes in the Alto-Maipo region of Chile, which is a place known for the superior quality of its wine grapes. This region has been acknowledged as a place with incredible potential for creating the world’s finest premium quality wines.

The family-owned Perez Cruz Winery first released its Perez Cruz wines in 2002. Since then the estate has been singled out for the fine quality of its speciality red wines. The Perez Cruz Winery has collected numerous awards and medals, all attesting to the taste and fine quality of its product.

The Perez Cruz Winery is designed with the highest attention to detail. That’s why these wines are acknowledged as some of the finest and most delicious in the premium wine market.

The winery is located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. This location allows them to grow vines in one of the highest areas above sea level in which wine grapes can be planted. The location is ideal for premium grape growing, as the climate here is perfect for producing healthy grapes.

The Perez Cruz wines was built to eco-friendly standards by architect Jose Cruze Ovalle, and every technical detail has been attended to. The winery's wood roof and the influx of natural light promote healthy air circulation and thermal isolation, all of which promote the finest possible grape production.

Finally, the grapes at the winery are handpicked before going through the wine-making process. Once selected, these grapes are crushed and then cold macerated in stainless steel tanks. Following this, the grape skins are pumped over during the fermentation process and then macerated for 24 days. Finally, the wine is transferred to oak barrels where it is aged for twelve months.

The final result is a smooth, delicious premium wine with great complexity and a smooth taste and incredible flavor. The Perez Cruz Winery are very proud of the quality of their wines and at Wineman we are equally proud to be a partner in sales. Once you enjoy a glass, we know you’ll keep coming back for more.