Valpolicella Superiore Roccolo Grassi from Italy

The Valpolicella Superiore Roccolo Grassi from the Veneto region of Italy is an intensely flavoured red wine made from 100% Valpolicella grapes that are sun dried on racks for a period of 20 days. The resulting dehydrated grapes reduces their water content. This increases the percentage of peel in the crush, adding many of those complex tannic notes like chocolate, pepper and tobacco. It also concentrates the sugars in the grape, which will make it a little sweeter and higher in alcohol content. The wine is then aged in wooden barrels for 20 months, resulting in a deep ruby-colored beverage.

This unique wine is an excellent choice with red meats and strong, tomato-based sauces. Italian food with red sauce and steak are natural pairings with Valpolicella Superiore Roccolo Grassi. However, you can also try a carne asada with dirty rice or a Thai curry with pork or beef. Pork with cherry or currant sauces will also pair very well with this wine, and bring out the similar berry notes in the wine. The trick is to find a meal that is a similar series of layered but strong flavours that neither overpowers nor underwhelms the food.

Valpolicella Superiore Roccolo Grassi ages well, and can increase in flavour and complexity for years to decades. The trick is to keep the bottle stored on its side in a cool, dark, temperature-controlled environment. The quality and complexity of the wine will only be enhanced over time. Other wines that were similarly made have been opened a century later to find that they have become even more rare, exquisite and valuable. It is because of this that old, collectible bottles of wine will sell for thousands to tens of thousands at auction.

While many wines rely on a single, common grape like a chardonnay or cabernet, the crafting of Italian wines is slightly different. They offer a number of grape varieties unique to the region, which are served either as a single-wine vintage or a blend. Italians not only will work with unique wines, but unique techniques to create memorable, high-quality wines.

Red wines are known to continue to increase in complexity as they age, and to have a layered flavor profile. A large reason for this is because of the tannins that are extracted from the peel when the grapes are crushed. This formula is increased by the crafting process of Valpolicella Superiore Roccolo Grassi wine, because of the way that they blend a combination of fresh grapes with slightly dehydrated grapes. Roccolo Grassi winery sets aside a section of the vineyard to grow the grapes needed for this special vintage.

This is not the only wine that Roccolo Grassi makes and we are proud to sell a selection of their other wines.