Where Can I Buy Falanghina Feudi San Gregorio

People often ask this question to me and many other wine merchants. How to find the wine you love is often a tedous task. Wines like this are often sold only to the "On Trade" in other words reserved for restaurants only. This allows the restaurant owner to have superb wines that cannot be sold in shops for a cheaper price. Often these great wines are not made in high enough quantity and so the retail market is not the right fit for them.

To find them to buy therefore creates a problem. websites like wine searcher are often a decent place to start but these show a global market and the shipping charges are often high. Contacting the importer is often a good idea as they can direct you to the best source either online or locally if available.

However there are a small number of websites that specialise in selling restaurant quality wines direct to the public and this is the best resource to buy unusual wines like this.

If you are looking for a fresh white wine, the elegant Falanghina Feudi San Gregorio is a well-reviewed choice. The Wine Spectator and The Wine Advocate agree that this is a good wine with much to recommend it.
The Taste
When uncorked, the taster will notice tropical aromas like pineapple and banana. Further hints of melon, lemon and apple meet the air. When poured, this pale gold liquid has hints of green. The citrus lingers in an aftertaste that is pleasant to the tongue. Wine lovers find this medium-bodied wine is an excellent alternative to a premium Pinot Grigio.
The Critics
The Wine Advocate called this wine a 'crowd-pleasing warm weather white.' It also said that it is 'crisp', 'refreshing' and 'absolutely delicious'. The Wine Spectator praised the hints of lemon curd and melon. It praised the wine for its 'crisp acidity'.
The Occasion
With its intense perfume and medium body, this wine favors the individual glass at cocktail hour or the main course at the dinner table. It could easily be paired with seafood or sushi, but it also lends itself to pasta and risotto. With its unusual aroma and unique flavors, this wine is sure to draw complements from guests.
The Artist
This wine is made by one of Campania's leading vineyards. To find it, you'd have to head to the small town of Sorbo Serpico in Irpinia. Feudi di San Gregorio utilizes ancient varieties as well as modern ones to make its fine wines. Falanghina is an indigenous grape, which lends its unique qualities to this wine. When the grape is one-of-a-kind, it just follows that the wine will be extraordinary with a taste all its own.

Where to Buy Falanghina Feudi San Gregario
Wineman.co.uk offers Falanghina Feudi San Gregario and other wines from this fine vineyard. Individual bottle orders are just as welcome as 'by-the-case' orders. In fact, Wineman specializes in mixed cases, allowing wine connoisseurs to mix and match the flavors and styles that interest them the most.

Whether you want a wine for your next dinner party or a special white for your exclusive wine list, the Falanghina Feudi San Gregario promises a flavor that guests will savor.