A trip to Barcelona was what I needed to regroup and set targets for my business, my life and the world in general.

Each day I would try new wines, wines that I have never seen or heard of and the experience was superb. In one particular restaurant I opted for the mystery tasting menu with full wine flights to accompany the 6 different dishes. I had picked this restaurant after lots of careful research on Trip Advisor and Google just like everyone does.

The food was sublime, the service impeccable and the wines were to die for.

So like any good tourist and wine fan I sought out the same wines and arranged for a case to be delivered to me at home.

Once I got back to the UK I looked forward to my beloved dozen wines arriving and I began to concoct the dishes I would serve with them and how my palate would be dazzled by the outstanding vino I would pour.

Sadly the reality was somewhat different.

You see the wines would never, ever taste the same. I was back in the cold, wet UK and sat in my apartment with doom and gloom on the TV and misery was everywhere.

I cooked an amazing Paella and poured the Verdejo I had bought and it was........

Poor at best.

I got my tasting notes out, I checked the temperature of the wine, I double checked to make sure it was the same vintage and all was fine But it was boring and flat.

Or was it me that was boring and flat?

When I was in Barcelona I was relaxed, happy, being served, appreciated and comfortable. Of course the wine was amazing.

When life is good - Wine is generally good.

So the next time you open a bottle and expect fireworks and you get a dull thump don't blame the wine.

It could be just that life is bad that day and the wine will be better the next day when the world is better.