Berton Vineyards have recently released their latest wine onto the UK market.

The Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz is a delicious Shiraz that comes exclusively from vines in the Padathway region of Australia. This brand new wine is sure to be a massive hit with lovers of Bob's wines and is a direct competitor with his famous wine known simply as The Black Shiraz.

There is a big difference between the two wines and this needs a little explanation

The Winemakers Reserve Black Shiraz 2015

The grapes used are100% Padathway Shiraz grapes and only from this area

The vines rows are spaced 3 meters apart to allow for maximum exposure and outstanding canopy management.

The wine is aged for a short time in French oak casks to add complexity and soften the intense tannins.

The fruit is carefully selected for maximum colour and quality.

The grapes were fermented on their skins to ensure maximum colour extraction and to ensure a fruit driven style.

The Padathway soils are sandy loam over clay, formed on old lagoon sediments. This leads to poor water retention and low nutrient absorbtion which makes the vines work much harder to survive, which in turn produces outstanding fruit.

Drip irrigation is used at the base of the vines to reduce evaporation and manage the water supply.

The Black Shiraz 2014 (current vintage but 2015 to be released soon)

The grapes used are 93% Shiraz, 4% Durif and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The grapes are sourced from premium sites from across South Eastern Australia.

The vines are spaced only 1.6 meters apart

The wine is also matured in oak casks to allow malolactic fermentation to take place.

The grapes are also fermented on their skins.

As the vines are from all over South Eastern Australia no specific soil content can be discussed in detail.

Irrigation is as above and left to the individual growers.

So in conclusion you can see the wines are similar but different. The main difference is the taste and overall mouth feel. Whilst we have ADORED drinking The Black Shiraz for years now the new Winemakers Reserve Black Shiraz has blown us away with the superb quality and value.

We recommend you buy a few bottles of each so you can see for yourself how wonderful this new wine is!