As the Covod19 lockdown started The Wine Show decided to begion entertaining and educating the public with a 20 minute show on You Tube evevery evening at 7pm. I contacted Joe Fattorini after the first episode and Joe agreed to showcase three of my wines. The selection was difficult and I pondered which to choose.......People wanted to hear abut great wines, that's a given but is one Malbec better than another, is one New Zealand Sauvignon more acidic than another. Everyone is familiar with these styles so I wanted to introuduce people to something different that Joe shoudl love.

And adore them he did!

The Tikves Smederevka from Macedonia was the first wine I chose. I picked this delicious white wine from Macedonia because it represents fantastic value for money and showcases how fantastic ununual and unknown grape varieties are.

The second wine was a gamble, the Xinomavro Hedgehog from Ktima Alpha. This is often a wine that is better with food as it has structured tannins which persist in the syte of a great Barolo. Joe found this wine fantastic and highlky recommended it. Once again an unusual grape variety really shone and the gamble paid off.

The final wine was easy. One of my favourite wines from the last 2 years alomg with it's sister wine the Vindoro Negroamaro. This wine was the 62 Anniversario Primitivo di Manduria from San Marzano and Joe LOVED IT. I describe this wine as like drinking Steak and Cake at the same time. This is because the Primitivo grapes give such an amazing sweetness and yet the wine isn't sweet.